Tricolor 4 Door Pet Carrier - Green/Orange

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PottyBells' airline-approved pet carrier is an attractive and super durable option when traveling with your furry friend. Whether you’re planning a long trip on an airplane, or a short drive to the vet, this pet carrier will definitely fit the bill! While suitable for most cats and toy-size dogs, please take the time to measure your pet. Do NOT guess.

Pet parents that don’t measure their dog or cat before ordering are often disappointed when they see the carrier is too small for their needs. This carrier will hold pets who weigh up to 15 pounds with ease. However, just because your pet is under 15 pounds does not mean it will fit in the carrier. You also need to measure them according to the reference chart provided. The soft-sided design makes this carrier easy to fold and store when not in use.

This pet carrier is constructed with a padded double layer of rugged nylon fabric for superior durability. It also provides your pet with a cozy and comfortable ride, much better than a hard plastic kennel-style carrier. Our carrier has five mesh windows that allow maximum visibility and ventilation for your furry friend. Four of the five “windows” are actually full-functioning doors!

We chose strong metal zippers to ensure that all doors will remain zipped. While some pets don't mind being lifted into the top of a carrier, others prefer to be gently coaxed in an end door with paws still on the floor. With a top-loading door, a side-loading door, and two end-loading door options, placing your pet into the carrier is now easier and less stressful for both of you!

Inside you will find a soft cushioned fleece pad with a zippered removable cover. Inside the fleece, the cover is also a strong plastic, easy-to-clean baseboard. This board keeps your pet safely supported during travel. The zippered fleece cover can be machine washed and dried.

For extra safety, we suggest attaching your pet’s collar to the attached interior strap with a clasp. This will prevent your pet from escaping if a door is accidentally left open. There are two strap options. You might want to use the two short handle straps with padded Velcro strap wrap, or you may choose to use the adjustable-length padded shoulder strap.

Both options are comfortable for you and safe for your pet. The shoulder strap can be stored in end pocket when not in use. The carrier size is 17.5” L x 11.5” W x 11” H. If traveling by air, please check with your specific airline for their current policy on allowable pet carrier size, as some airlines may have recently changed.