Customer Spotlight: Jennifer and Milo

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This video features a review from Jennifer (and video of her dog Milo using the Potty Bells). Jennifer and Milo are this month's customer spotlight.

Jennifer purchased Potty Bells for Milo in July of 2016 and he's already picked up on how to use them! She says that, using the easy training guide that comes with every purchase of Potty Bells, she was able to teach Milo to ring the bell to go outside within just a few hours.

Says Jennifer, "In less than 4 hours Milo was trained to use Caldwell's Pet Supply Co., Potty Bells!! I followed the instructions they provided and now our 5 month old French Bull Dog puppy is bell trained, such a smart little guy!!! I am truly amazed at how easy he was to train when provided with great instructions, thank you!"

Jennifer is one of many satisfied customers who have fully trained their dogs using Potty Bells! What is your experience with Potty Bells? Share this post to let us know!