About us

Somewhere out there, a dog is barking. Not because they are hungry. Not because a visitor has arrived. No, this dog is barking because they want to go potty…

In 2015, we at Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. set about to solve a simple problem. We wanted to give dogs and their owners a better way of communicating. We wanted dogs everywhere to be able to tell their people “I just need to go Potty” - without barking or suffering in silence. The solution we thought of: Potty Bells! 

Since then, Potty Bells have become the number one selling dog doorbells in America. We have made a simple tool that dogs can learn easily, but also adds a touch of charm to any door. In addition to Potty Bells, we are also very proud of our customer service.

The Caldwell’s team is here to serve you throughout your Potty Bells journey. Check out our main website at www.caldwellspetsupply.com.