Potty Pads 18" x 24" Potty Pads (4 pk)

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  • Superior Quality: Caldwell’s 5-layer Potty Pads are premium washable pee pads for dogs of all ages and sizes. From Bullmastiffs to Teacup Poodles, whelping dogs, puppies and even elderly incontinent dogs, these dog pee pads have got you covered!
  • Eco-friendly and Economical: Don’t waste money or send those disposable puppy pee pads to our landfills. Be good to your wallet and our planet! Caldwell’s washable Potty Pads are a wise choice.
  • Multi-Purpose: Our sustainable potty pee pads are great for cats, rabbits and just about any pet. Try lining your pet travel crate with a small dog pad. Or try our large dog pee pad in your car, protect your furniture with our medium size puppy potty pad. Use under food and water bowls. Our extra large dog pee pad is even perfect for us humans who might need a little extra mattress protection at night. Just place it under your fitted sheet and nobody will know it’s there!
  • Easy Care and Maintenance: Caldwell’s reusable dog pee pads have simple care instructions. Machine or hand wash your reusable wee wee pads in cold or cool water. Do not use any type of fabric softener, as this will destroy the layers of absorbency in the Potty Pad. Tumble dry on low. Your washable pee pads will last for over 300 washes each with proper care and maintenance. Our mission is to give pet lovers everywhere the best quality products possible.
  • Multiple Size and Pack Options: small 18" x 24" (4 Pack includes 1 puppy print, 1 hexagon print and 2 plain grey) medium 24" x 36" (3 Pack includes 1 puppy print, 1 hexagon print and 1 plain grey) large 30" x 36" (2 Pack includes 1 puppy print and 1 hexagon print) extra-large 60” x 60” (Single Pack includes 1 plain grey)