Set of 2 Potty Bells - Gray

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Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. is the proud creator of the original and famous POTTY BELL! Our dog doorbell is cleverly designed and quite simply the best house-breaking training tool available.

Our POTTY BELLS make potty training a breeze for you and your furry friend. Perfect for all ages from puppies to older dogs. Our premium quality dog doorbells can be hung from sliding glass door handles traditional doorknobs, and even lever-style handles. A set of 2 POTTY BELLS allows you to hang a POTTY BELL in two different locations of your home which is often ideal.

You might choose to place one POTTY BELL on the main level of your home and one on a lower-level walk-out door. You might just have two specific doors you prefer to let your dog out for potty time.

POTTY BELLS are made with a rugged nylon adjustable length strap available in our basic color options. With the carefully placed snaps, you can adjust the strap length from 30”- 32” to fit your needs.

POTTY BELLS are available in several fun color options. Switch your POTTY BELL colors for holidays or other special occasions! You’ll be delighted to hear the pleasant jingle of our superior quality bells, guaranteed to ring loud and clear every time. Our adorable signature ornament completes the unique POTTY BELL look. You can even remove the ornament and use it as a keychain!

Follow our easy 3-step training guide, and your dog will be ringing those bells in no time!

If you are not happy with your POTTY BELLS for any reason, please contact us through our company website. We’re not happy until you’re happy!