Potty Pads - 60" x 60"

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PottyBells has developed a durable, super absorbent, washable, and reusable 5-layer multi-purpose pad! You will find the perfect combination of size and absorbency in our 60” x 60” pet Potty Pad.

Our huge reusable pad is constructed with 5 layers of premium quality material that absorbs up to 10 cups of liquid. Available in a neutral shade of gray to coordinate with most all home interiors and décor.

This thick, absorbent, extra-large Potty Pad is great for apartment living or when you can’t take your pet out for potty breaks. The soft quilted top layer makes it perfect for whelping dogs, incontinent and/or elderly pets, and lining crates or kennels.

Try our super absorbent pet Potty Pads to protect your furniture, car seats, and floors. Potty Pads are a great choice for your floor when placed under pet food and water bowls. Helps keep your home cleaner when you have sloppy eaters and slobbery drinkers!

The inner TPU lining prevents liquid from soaking through the pad making it virtually waterproof. Our extra-large washable pad is great for people too! Place your 60” x 60” multi-purpose pad under the fitted bed sheet on a twin, double or queen-size mattress for extra protection while sleeping. If your pooch likes to sleep on your bed during the day, place the pad on your bed to keep it clean from dirt and hair.

We added gel grip dots on the bottom of the pad to prevent it from sliding onto the floors. Potty Pads are triple stitched around all edges to prolong the life of the pads – each pad can withstand up to 300 washes! Think of the money you will save! Washing and reusing Potty Pads are great for both the environment and your wallet. Easy care and simple maintenance.

Machine wash on cool/cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, as they will destroy the fabric’s absorbency capabilities. You might also choose to hand wash the pads and hang them or lay them flat to dry. Check out our full Potty Pad collection… you’ll find irresistibly cute designs in multiple sizes to choose from!

Note: If your pup eliminates the edge of the pad or “misses” the pad, the Potty Pad will not be able to absorb that liquid. The entire amount of liquid must be deposited on the pad for maximum protection and absorption.